Huntheal PC Antivirus Tool – 1Pc / 1Yr

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Huntheal PC Antivirus Tool Cleaning Utility to clean your PC of files that are clogging and crowding your hard drive.

PC Cleaning Utility is a system cleaner that makes cleaning your computer a safe and simple process. Over time a computer becomes full of files that eventually clog the hard drive. PC Cleaning Utility cleans files that could be causing your computer to perform at a substandard level. By cleaning up such files, PC Cleaning Utility will help reducing system crashes and freezes.

With PC Cleaning Utility you can choose which areas on your computer to scan and clean. Choose from virtual devices, libraries, installations strings, junk files, temporary files, system software, history, start menu, and more.

PC Cleaning Utility is easy to install and its settings ensure a smooth, trouble-free installation process.


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